Ph.D. in Industrial & Systems Engineering, Auburn University, 2007
M.S. in Industrial & Systems Engineering, Auburn University, 2004
M.B.A., Auburn University, 2004
B.S., Physics, Georgia Southern University, 1995
B.S. in Manufacturing, Georgia Southern University, 1995


G. Talley Holman is a consulting systems engineer who has developed skillsets for managing, analyzing, and evaluating moderate to high variation systems or processes where human interaction and decision making are essential to performance, capacity, and productivity. Dr. Holman has worked across industries and in academics allowing for collaboration on a variety of projects, as well as lead national research studies. Disciplines and emphasis areas related to studies have vary greatly, with healthcare being the target industry more than 50% of the time. Dr. Holman's work commonly uses an evidence-based approach to real world problems and collaborative panels to leverage the most current knowledge techniques across disciplines. Dr. Holman's belief that a project's objectives dictate scope of work, whether it is economics, human factors, reliability, simulation, public health, data mining, coding apps, or additive manufacturing have created a network of collaborators for performing more advanced work. Thus, these opportunities are what make the work interesting, challenging, and rewarding.

Dr. Holman has been a Senior eHealth Systems Analyst at the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). Prior to the AAFP, Dr. Holman was at the University of Louisville where he was an Assistant Professor in Industrial Engineering and the Director of the Center for Ergonomics for 5 years. Other notable aspects of Dr. Holman’s background include time as a Research Associate (postdoc) in the Center for Quality and Safety Improvement (CQPI) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he worked as after completing his doctorate at Auburn University. At Auburn, Dr. Holman was part of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Deep South Center for 6 years. Additionally, Dr. Holman worked in (lean) manufacturing as a manager for Shaw Industries for 5 years, as well as spending a short extent with Delta Airlines.


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