Military student “drops in” to visit Louisville

In December 2014, I got a text message from one of our military students, a U.S. Army pilot stationed in Korea, that he was ferrying a plane from Korea to the East Coast, and had scheduled an overnight rest stop over in Louisville. He knew that I had an interest in aviation and invited me to Louisville International airport to tour the plane. (I must confess that I suspected the he had the ulterior motive of confirming that I was a really person, not just a bot teaching his online courses.)

Come to find out, the plane was a decommissioned Beechcraft King Air, known to the Army as an RC-12H. Before he arrived, I did some online research to find out more about the plane and found some pictures of this King Air with about a ‘gazillion’ antennae protruding from every surface… clearly this plane had a mission to “listen” to something.


RC-12H in military configuration

The plane that I got to tour had all of the electronic eavesdropping device and antennae removed. The primary content inside the plane were the standard cockpit instruments and auxiliary fuel tanks.

Decommissioned RC-12H

Decommissioned RC-12H

Come to find out, that very plane made the news when it was airlifted to an Army Depot located in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. Here is the story of the final flight of this plane: To view the news story, click this link.

Video link

Video of Airlift of RC-12H to its final destination.


I wanted to thank our student for including me in this adventure.

I also want to thank all of our military students for their service to this great country of ours!